​​Make a plan



Your 7 Step Plan

​Step 1

​Assess where you are right now:

​Frustration comes from feeling powerless. I shall help you to see precisely where you are in your divorce journey. When you see your personal situation clearly, your uncertainty and fear will be significantly reduced.

​Step 2

Find Your Power:

​Strong emotions cloud the mind. I shall show you techniques to avoid being overwhelmed when unreasonable demands come in.

​Step 3

​Navigating Your Journey:

​I shall help you to understand the stages of the divorce process and give you the knowledge and support you need for successful navigation.

​Step 4

​Knowledge is Power:

​I shall help you to understand the principles of the legal process of divorce and give you clarity. This will give you a sense of control. Once you understand this process, the strategy of lawyers, you will be in a stronger position to hold them and your partner accountable for their actions.

​Step 5


​The stress of going through a divorce will have an impact on your physical health and mental well being. Along with financial planning, a personalised strategy for health, leisure time and social connection is best planned out in advance. Then you know what to do to take care of yourself in challenging times.

​Step 6

​Moving On:

​At times it can feel that your divorce will never end. But it will. Rediscovering who you are without your partner is an important step. You may benefit from guidance in defining who are you now, who you want to become and where you want to be in life in order to get the power to shape your own future.

​Step 7

​Maintaining Progress:

​​Part of my service to you is to provide ongoing support. This allows you to work through any frustrations that come from new curve balls thrown your way. You can also check your progress to make sure you're on course.


​​What has worked so far and what hasn't?


​​Assess what is likely to come up. Be well prepared.


​​​Master the process and implement your strategy.

​​My divorce almost killed me. ​I learned to deal with the paralysing emotions. Then I could think clearly about the legal actions needed. Now I show others ​what I wished I'd had at the beginning of my divorce.