Mark Langlois

Founder, ​The Divorce Guy

​​My experience of divorce was like being ripped apart from the inside. I couldn’t think straight as the emotions were literally killing me.

I was already a coach and became a divorce coach to help others gain control of their emotion​s then discuss of legal principles.

Separate the drama from the data. Get through the emotional overwhelm, think straight and decide what to do for your situation.

​It's not about winning. It's not about losing. It's about keeping your honour While Navigating through a process that is anything but honourable.


Divorce can be a complicated process that's it's easy to get lost in. Taking time to ​get clear on where you are in the process reduces overwhelm and helps you plan.


​However complicated the process is made divorce is required to follow certain rules. If you can plan for what's coming up you'll know how to navigate it more easily.


​There are no guarantees in divorce but you can use it to strengthen who you are. Learn to recognise how you act and react and you'll be in control and be who you want to be. Get empowered, stay honourable.

About MARK

​My divorce almost killed me. ​I learned to deal with the paralysing emotions. That meant I could think clearly about the legal actions needed. Now I show others ​what I wished I'd known at the beginning.