​When Divorce is Conflict

find your empowerment

an overwhelming process

  • ​Are you becoming worn down and overwhelmed by everything happening in your divorce?’
  • Do you find it hard to think logically ​as new curve balls come in?
  • ​Are you trying to be reasonable with a partner who persists in holding out for absolutely everything?
  • ​Does your lawyer always seem to be on the defensive when the aim is to represent you?
  • ​Do you find it difficult to understand the divorce process fully?
  • ​Do you sense that the tactics of the other side are being used to frustrate you and confuse the divorce process?’
  • ​Do you find it difficult to find the answers you require and get the support you need?
  • ​Do you sometimes feel your only options are to fight or give up altogether rather than negotiate?


​What has worked so far and what hasn't?


​​Assess what is likely to come up. Be well prepared.


​​Master the process and implement your strategy.

It's not about winning.

 It's not about losing.

It's about keeping your honour while navigating a process that is anything but honourable.